domingo, 7 de junho de 2009

Gold and silver leaves!!!!

in the middle one other(real) leaf in gold R$90!
tip: these earings we use only one, and in teh other ear you can put a singular pearl, its gorgeous!!!
the gold one: R$80,00
folha em ouro!
Real leaf in silver!R$75,00
folha em prata!

these are (real) leaves in a heart shape in gold with a baroque pearl, the price: R$ 219,00(Real-brazilian money) or 3 X R$73,00
São folhas em formato de coração em ouro, com perolas barrocas.
PS:I if you want i can calculate the price in your locate money!

6 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Thanks for following my blog!
Those earrings are amazing xx

blacktobianco disse...

lovely earings xx

Damsels disse...

those are super pretty

She's Dressing Up disse...

Ooh they're beautiful!!

Baú da Alice disse...

sao da filigrama do cerrado, nao?
tenho vaaaaaaarias ha muitos anos... amo!

Eleonore disse...

beautiful jewelry!