sábado, 13 de junho de 2009

valetines day with no boyfriend

okok, one more year without a 'boyfriend' by my side, my baby is far away from me right now and that is really sucks!!!!
so, i decided that i could have a good day without him and i spent it all with my BFF(haha) raquel!
we took a lot of pictures!
first, we went to a barbecue in my sister's boyfriend house and them we went to a nice bar that have just open here in my city, is the first one in brazil, (johnny pag), its marvelous, i love it all!!!!!!!
we had a lot of fun!
hope u enjoyyyyyyy

4 comentários:

expresso moda disse...

Está muito bonita no look!


LSD disse...

Legal, pode linkar sim, claro!


miky disse...

ypu look lovley!

Anônimo disse...

pretty girl
love what your wearing